Why Join NexGoal

NexGoal offers a proven business model and industry best practices that work to create a winning business for you. As a franchise, you will provide recruiting services, using our industry position, to identify and place talent in critical positions with corporate clients.

The target NexGoal franchise profile includes:
  • Athletes seeking a career
  • Former collegiate, Olympic, or professional athletes
  • Athletes that are well-networked with local businesses and other athletes
  • Athletes that don’t want to work for someone else – own their own business
  • Athletes that will work to become a success in the business world
Why Join NexGoal as a Franchisee
  • Lifestyle:  flexible hours conducive to a family lifestyle
  • Revenue:  uncapped income opportunity
  • Career:  start your second career in sports
  • Experience:  no previous experience required
  • Rewarding:  personal satisfaction helping others reach their “next goal”
  • Team:  work with athletes and former athletes in a team environment