What Our Corporate Clients Are Saying

NexGoal strives to meet the needs of our corporate clients, utilizing our unique process and industry experience. We bring together our clients and the top athlete-candidates to fill these roles, taking the stress out of the job search for both sides. Since 2009, NexGoal has served a variety of industries by identifying, attracting, qualifying, and placing the “best of the best” former athletes.

“NexGoal has provided PCC with great candidates with those tough-to-find skills and experience.  They have concentrated on finding local talent that meets the specifics needs for the position while focusing on quality over quantity.”
Scotty Richmond, Human Resources Manager

PCC Airfoils LLC

 “What impressed me initially about NexGoal was the time they spent up front, understanding the core competencies required for our roles. What we have found is that we receive candidates that not only have the expected skills and experience, but more importantly, we receive candidates that have the intangible winning qualities like hunger, drive, and passion.”
“The screening process that they have developed is the best that I have seen in the industry. When I have a NexGoal candidate in front of me, I know that they have thoroughly matched the candidates’ experience and skills to our company culture. The time that they spend with us for each opening really pays off. I can always count on first class candidates at the interviews.”
Bret Anderson, Regional Sales Director
“The team at NexGoal invested substantial effort to understand the Certified Security Solutions (CSS) culture, gaining a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work for CSS in order to ensure a strong match between the candidate and the team. They spent a considerable amount of time asking questions, interviewing a variety of managers to gain a thorough understanding of what we were trying to accomplish, as well as evaluating the unique soft skills required to be successful in the respective roles at our company.”
“We are very pleased with the quality of candidates they presented. The selected candidates are excelling in roles and are having a remarkably positive impact in their assignments at CSS. They built a customized online system allowing our management to track the progress of each candidate in each stage of the interview process.”
“NexGoal’s staff is a pleasure to interact with; they always respond in a timely manner and remember to do the small things that make a difference in building a long term relationship with a client.”
Kevin von Keyserling, President and Chief Executive Officer
Certified Security Solutions (CSS)